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(1) Internship and employment integration
       The department has an internship program, and students can obtain relevant professional certificates and theoretical basic abilities under the curriculum planning system. Students can choose an internship company in line with their own career planning and receive a complete training plan. The department has launched a four-year consistent industrial talent building program to cultivate the ability to integrate learning and application. In line with the needs of industries, students can improve their professional abilities and positive attitudes, and can be successfully employed after graduation.

(2) Further study
       Students can continue their advanced studies and become advanced professionals according to their personal interests and academic backgrounds. Over the years, graduates of this department have had applied for domestic and foreign research institutes and obtained advanced degrees. Furthermore, the department has a 4+1 program, which provides students with an early option to study for a master's degree during their senior year.

(3) Employment fields
Recreation and tourism industry:   resorts, fitness clubs, hotels, travel agencies, tourism services and other related fields, outdoor activity designers and guides.
Holistic Wellness industry: fitness coaches, aromatherapy salons, medical beauty, meridian massage, sports injuries, sports guards, health professional consultants, etc.