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The educational goals of Department of Recreation and Holistic Wellness are to cultivate recreation and holistic wellness professionals under comprehensive development to connect recreation and holistic wellness industries.

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Features of Department of Recreation and Holistic Wellness
1. Under professional orientation, the department cultivates comprehensive professionals which including outdoor sports coaches, sightseeing tour guides, fitness coaches, and sports guards to meet the job market needs.
2. The department has the outstanding recreation courses in the country that combines land, sea and air outdoor sports facilities. We combine courses with certificates to achieve the unity of industry and academia. In addition, the combination of tourism and event planning will educate professionals in the recreation tourism industry and outdoor fields.
3. Holistic wellness industry courses are in line with future market-oriented needs. We combine courses with certificates to cultivate professionals in the fitness, sports protection and holistic wellness industries.

Professionals in the recreation industry
We focus on training tour guides and outdoor education professionals. There are recreation activity planning and practical courses to cultivate students' practical ability to work in related industries in the future. We also train professional coaches such as rock climbing, tree climbing, canoeing, SUP paddling, paintball game, and high and low elements adventure education. In the interactive process, students can learn communication skills and develop teamwork spirits, so as to improve physical fitness, enhance self-confidence, and enrich the professional abilities of recreation industry.

Holistic wellness Professionals
The department trains professionals such as fitness coaches, sports guards, and aroma therapists. Students can learn the professional ability of fitness sports and customize personal fitness courses. We hope to cultivate students as professional fitness trainers and develop themselves with high entry barriers in the industry. At the same time, the theory and application of sports protection are taken into consideration, so as to prevent sports injuries. We combine aroma theory with stress-relieving massage techniques to achieve the concept of holistic wellness.